Introducing the Professional plan

A new pricing plan specifically for freelancers

Matthäus Niedoba
October 3, 2022
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Today, we are introducing a new pricing model for individuals, called “Professional”. It offers access to all Anchorpoint features at a price of €15 per month. You can view it on our pricing page.

Anchorpoint pricing plan
Our new pricing plans (annual billing)


Anchorpoint is used by many individuals, especially freelancers, who do not work in a team. Our Free plan has certain limitations and the price jump to the Team plan is very large.

With the Professional plan we offer all the features (e.g., video conversion, templates, project management, cards, video annotations, versioning, … to name a few) that save a lot of time in a production. We consider the price of €15 (€12 for annual payment) per month as a fair compensation.

What happens to the Team plan?

Nothing, the Team plan remains unchanged from the feature set and price. It includes all the features of the Professional plan plus team features, such as mentions and notifications, member management and the Action distribution, which allows Python scripts to be easily distributed among team members.

The Team Plan can have up to 25 members working together. If you have more than 25 members, we offer the Organization Plan, which is designed for larger companies.

What happens to the free plan (Personal plan)?

There will always be a Free plan. It is limited to file browsing and will be extended in the future with a fast search function that we are currently developing.

It is intended for hobbyists and casual users who need an easy way to organize their asset library or navigate through their projects faster. For this, we extend the Free Plan with unlimited projects. What is omitted are Attributes, Cards and Actions. These features are essential for professional workflows and provide the time savings there. They are available in the Professional Plan.

If you cancel your Team or Professional Plan subscription, you will automatically return to the Free Plan and will always be able to view your previous projects. What you will not be able to do is edit attributes or perform actions. But you will be able to archive your projects locally in the future.

Why no perpetual license

Perpetual versions provide independence and no lock in by the software vendor. We understand that completely. But that is not quite true. Software has to be developed constantly. Operating systems get updates, security certificates have to be renewed, file formats change, etc. If you buy a perpetual license, you will have to update it at some point. Also consider the acquisition costs of a perpetual. If you want to test software on a longer project (e.g., 3 months) it is easier to subscribe for 3 months than to buy the software. It gives you more freedom.

Especially cloud software regularly causes costs (e.g., file hosting) that have to be covered. In the future, we want to include a web-based customer review feature in Anchorpoint that requires a cloud web server. This feature can only be offered in a subscription.

Subscriptions have unfortunately been exploited by many large companies. Users were locked in, and can no longer open their files without the subscription. This gave big companies the opportunity to take money out of their customers' pockets instead of providing them with a good service.

What we do differently

We don't lock you in. If you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your projects in read-only mode forever. That's why we have the Free plan. You will also be able to archive your projects as a local database (text file dump), whether you are a subscriber or not. We are currently working on this feature.

Production data is never uploaded to our cloud without your knowledge. You have 100% control over what happens to it.

This solves the real problem with subscription: dependency. If you work with Anchorpoint, and it adds value, then you can subscribe. If you don't need it anymore, you can cancel and subscribe again at a later time. You can ALWAYS view older projects, because we have our Free forever version.

As we believe in our product, we also offer a 30-day return policy.

What will never change

We will always improve our product. This is not bullshit, check out our changelog. We will continue to deliver regular updates and constantly improve the stability, UX, and feature set of the product.

We listen to your feedback and try to implement it as soon as possible. That's why we talk to you on our Discord server, or why you can always book an individual call with our CEO.

We will always offer you the best possible service. We want to provide you with a quick answer to any question. Furthermore, we do not differentiate between Free or Paid users.

We think that's a fair way to do it. We support you by providing the best tool for your workflow, and you support us so that we can continue to do that in the future. Feel free to chat with us on our Discord. Let us know what you think!

Matthäus Niedoba

Co-founder and CEO