Make collaboration work

That’s the reason why we exist

We want to strengthen creative teams by relieving them of as many tedious tasks as possible so that they can focus on being creative.


The idea for Anchorpoint came about when Matthäus was working on his language learning application Lalinga. Many assets, many versions and everything was completely scattered. It got even worse when he recruited other people for the project. For some, data was floating around in Dropbox, for others it was in various teamworking tools.

The same problem kept popping up in later jobs at TV stations and studios.
The Pixars, MPCs and ILMs came up with their own solution to this. But what if you are a studio or an agency that doesn't run it's own development department? This is the reason why we develop Anchorpoint. We want to help you with an all-in-one place for files, tasks and feedback.

Every day we give everything we can to make Anchorpoint even easier, more flexible and more comprehensive. We hope it will make your teamwork a lot easier.

Software developers have GitHub, designers and artists now have Anchorpoint.


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Matthäus is a 3D artist and product designer focusing on tools for creatives. He started his career as a 3D-artist at the Second German Television in the area of realtime graphics. At Maxon he designed interfaces for modeling and rendering. He has presented his work at various conferences such as Siggraph in Vancouver.
Dennis Schlösser.cto
Dennis has years of experience in mobile and desktop application development through his work as a senior developer at Brickmakers agency. He is a true fullstack developer from backend to frontend and takes care of Anchorpoint's architecture.
Jochen Hunz.rnd
Jochen is an expert in the field of high performance computing. He was teamlead at Maxon and led projects with cooperation partners like Apple and AMD. Before that he was active in research for many years and co-authored numerous papers.