We have been there

A small team, many handovers, many files. All collaboration tools out there are made for the big ones, but not for teams like ours or yours.
We would like to offer you a tool to organize your projects efficiently without changing the way you work.

Meet the team

Working remotely, passionate about CG and committed to bringing you the best product that simplifies your daily work. We are a growing team of experienced artists and creative software engineers.

Dennis Schlösser

Co-Founder & Engineer
Former senior developer at Brickmakers and DevOps expert. Dennis is a know-it-all when it comes to technologies and muscle building.

Jochen Hunz

Co-Founder & Engineer
Former researcher and senior developer at Maxon. He led an international team and worked with high profile customers such as Apple and AMD.

William Hong

Junior Engineer
Loves computer science and practicing martial arts. When not coding or fighting, William is also playing the guitar in his band.

Magnus Knopp

Junior Engineer
Passionate about computer graphics, AI and gaming. Bouldering and playing handball in the time he doesn't spend in front of the screen.

Matthäus Niedoba

Co-Founder & CEO
Experienced the problem first hand, when working as a 3D artist at ZDF (second German television station). Former product designer at Maxon.

Supported by

We are part of the accelerator TinySeed (the Y-Combinator for bootstrappers), which is also one of our investors.

How to explain Anchorpoint

Anchorpoint is an asset manager for 3D teams. It’s built upon a file browser and helps teams to manage tasks, assets, and perform reviews for progress monitoring.

It is mostly used by remote teams in the entertainment industry who produce 2D and 3D content in animation, games, and motion graphics. Anchorpoint works with any DCC and has dedicated features for game engines like Unreal or Unity Engine.

The most significant difference to other collaboration platforms is that Anchorpoint is designed for fast-paced projects and smaller teams. The focus is on simplicity and great UX. We call it a GitHub for artists.