A simpler alternative to Perforce

Anchorpoint champions a superior user experience, devoid of the complexities often associated with such tools such as Perforce. Its pricing is transparent and most importantly, it offers freedom from restrictive ecosystems, ensuring no lock-in.

Plus, use Anchorpoint for free as long as you are in the switching phase.

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Anchorpoint, Git vs Perforce

About Perforce

Perforce is a proprietary version control system that is very popular in the AAA game development world. It is centralized, which means you are always connected to the server. Perforce was introduced in 1995, 10 years before Git. Perforce is maintained and distributed by Perforce Software, who also provide project and asset management solutions in addition to their version control system.

What makes Anchorpoint stand out compared to Perforce?

Reason #1

Easy for artists

Anchorpoint's setup process is straightforward. Its user interface is modern, contrasting sharply with the outdated p4v client of Perforce. Thumbnails help in quick asset identification and management.

The absence of a check-in and check-out procedure simplifies workflows, and the automatic file locking ensures asset integrity.

Anchorpoint's two-button solution streamlines common tasks. It retains the comprehensive functionalities of Git, ensuring flexibility isn't sacrificed for simplicity.

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Version control in Anchorpoint using Git
Anchorpoint is part of the Git ecosystem
Reason #2

No Lock-in

Anchorpoint's foundation on Git, an open-source system, guarantees flexibility. Its compatibility extends to any Git solution. Should teams opt to transition away from Anchorpoint, they can effortlessly continue with their preferred Git client and server.

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Reason #3

Integrated asset management

Beyond version control, Anchorpoint excels in asset management. It facilitates the organization of asset libraries through tagging and commenting. Whether it's Blender, Cinema 4D, or Substance, Anchorpoint integrates seamlessly, so it fits to workflows outside of game engines.

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Anchorpoint, 3d asset management for animation, games and motion graphics
Anchorpoint has a transparent pricing plan
Reason #4

Transparent Costs

Perforce's pricing model requires discussions with sales representatives, a step that can be cumbersome. For teams exceeding five members, the costs can escalate rapidly. Additionally, the need to configure an AWS server for Perforce introduces added costs and complexity.

In contrast, Anchorpoint's transparent pricing eliminates such hurdles.

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Reason #5

It's visual

Last but not least, Anchorpoint is able to display thumbnails of industry relevant file formats such as FBX, EXR, PSD or audio and video files. You can quickly browse and search your files.

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Feature comparison

Perforce divides its version control and asset management into Helix Core and Helix Dam, each requiring separate licenses. Anchorpoint delivers everything in one application.

Switch from Perforce, don't pay twice

Switching can take time. Use Anchorpoint for free as long as you are in the transition phase. We also assist you during your transition phase.
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