A picture viewer for artists and designers

Anchorpoint allows you to browse and view PSD, HDRi and EXR images. Use ACES or other color spaces for correct color representations.

Meters by Raphael Rau. Meters is an old analogue machine with an oscilloscope and CRT screen. It was modeled in Cinema 4D, rendered with Octane using an ACES workflow. The EXR rendering can be shown in Anchorpoint with correct colors.
"Meters" by Raphael Rau

Find your assets faster

Don't wait until Photoshop loads your images. Anchorpoint can display all common image formats. So you can find the right asset faster.
Anchorpoint displays thumbnails of EXR, HDR, PSD and similar file formats and acts as an alternative to Windows Explorer.
Anchorpoint has a tagging system and allows to attach tags, descriptions and other information to files. These files can then be searched. This way you can build an asset library.

Build your library

Do you need a collection of HDRi images for your rendering, are you looking for the next texture, or do you have references or stock images for your concepts or scenes?

Anchorpoint allows you to tag images and find them quickly.

Review the truth

Create versions and reviews on color-correct EXR files. Anchorpoint supports ACES workflows. Combined with version control and reviews, you can iterate faster.
Anchorpoint can annotate on images. This allows reviews for animation, VFX and other 3D workflows. Anchorpoint supports OCIO (opencolor.io) and can display ACES color spaces.

“Anchorpoint provides a faster, more streamlined and feature-packed solution for file management that's 1000 times better than using Windows Explorer”

Jesus Suarez

Art Director & 3D Artist

Powerful features to organize your images

Anchorpoint is your Explorer alternative and made for artists who create beautiful images. It supports common image display functions such as zoom and pan, as well as batch processing.

Anchorpoint can display thumbnails of 3D files. These include OBJ, FBX, GLB and GLTF formats.


Scan your images with a quick thumbnail viewer. Anchorpoint supports all popular formats.

Supported file types on Windows and macOS
psd, psb, exr, hdr, tif, svg, ai, pdf, dpx, tga, cr2, arw, c4d, blend, max, sbs, sbsar, obj, glb, gltf, fbx

OCIO Color Management

Anchorpoint supports OCIO configurations to correctly display ACES color spaces to view EXR files correctly. Use our existing presets or import your own configuration.
Anchorpoint supports OCIO (opencolor.io) configurations and the corresponding color spaces such as ACEScg or Rec709. Anchorpoint comes with a number of preset color spaces. It also recognizes a color space by its file name and can read OCIO configuration files. So you can use your own configuration in Anchorpoint.
Anchorpoint has a search function that searches for files, folders and attributes. So you can attach tags to files that are searchable. Anchorpoint search is many times faster than Windows Explorer search.


Search huge folders on your hard drive or NAS. Use fuzzy search and filters to find your asset as quickly as possible.

Video playback on hover

Search video files by simply hovering on the thumbnail

File conversion

Convert EXR image sequences to videos with one click

Clipboard to image

Create PNG images from your clipboard without using Photoshop or other tools

Custom thumbnails

Create your own thumbnails of any file with the built-in screenshot tool


Put tags and descriptions on your images to build your asset library

Browse and view your files for free

Download Anchorpoint and browse your files.
No databases, no configuration.

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