How it works

Find out what Anchorpoint does and how it fits into your studio

Version Control

File browser-like
Asset Management

Customizable to fit your pipeline

How does it fit in my studio?

It helps you to put all your files at the right place in front of the right person

Project Management

Crew planning
Issue tracking

File Management

File sharing
Version control
Folder structures

File storage

Can be in the cloud or on a local server

Creative Tools


Game Engines


What Anchorpoint connects

Anchorpoint is the link between your high-level project management tools and your files. It understands your folder structures and file versions and can link them to your projects and tasks in Notion, Jira or similar.

What Anchorpoint replaces

Version control solutions such as Perforce, Plastic SCM
Digital asset managers such as Adobe Bridge
Review tools such as for internal reviews

“Anchorpoint helped our remote team to setup a complete production pipeline. Using their building blocks like Attributes, UI or Python functions saved us a lot of pipeline development time”

Jason Gagnon

CG Supervisor on BELLYFANT by Mummysboy Limited

How does it work in practice?

Create a project

Create a new project in Anchorpoint. Link it to any project management application such as Jira, Kitsu or Notion.

projects in Anchorpoint

Tell Anchorpoint where the files are

Anchorpoint adds metadata such as versions, tags and comments to your files.

Game Engines

Use the Git version control system connected to GitHub, Azure DevOps or any other cloud hosting provider. Anchorpoint will track all file changes.

Everything else

Use any local storage device such as a NAS, or a cloud solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Anchorpoint reads files like a file browser.

Anchorpoint, 3d asset management for animation, games and motion graphics

Build folder structures, create databases

Use templates to create folder structures and starter files for your assets.
Use tags, statuses and comments to track their progress.


Version control in Anchorpoint using Git

Publish new versions

Tell your team what you have done and make project progress transparent with version control.

Review and approve

Provide feedback by commenting and annotating. Approve the final version.

Anchorpoint video player
review videos in Anchorpoint

Get ahead of your files

No learning curves, no IT setup, a complete no-brainer.
Save time, save stress using Anchorpoint in your project.
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