How it works

You can think of Anchorpoint as a Git client for game engines and your art pipeline. It lets you track versions, review your team's work, and organize your art assets.

Version Control

File browser-like
Asset Management

Customizable to fit your pipeline

How does it fit in my studio?

It helps you to put all your files at the right place in front of the right person

project management applications

Project management tools

Crew planning
Task tracking


Version control with Git
Asset management
Asset reviews

Fits between your high-level project management tools and your files.

DCCs and game engine logos

DCCs & Game engines

Tools to create content

Use the file storage of your choice

Use Git servers and shared folders to store your production files. Anchorpoint is a desktop application that manages these files by applying metadata (tags, comments, notes) on top

Push and pull files to Git

Anchorpoint uses Git LFS, tracks all binary files automatically and allows you to push your game engine content and art assets to the Git server of choice.

Use file locking to prevent merge conflicts.
Learn about Git
commit files via Git for Unreal Engine using Anchorpoint
Thumbnails of gltf files in Anchorpoint
Dropbox, Google Drive and other logos

Browse images, videos, 3d models and anything else

Use a shared folder for all content that does not need to be versioned, such as your libraries, builds, footage, etc.

Use folder structures and templates to organize them.
manage metadata on your assets with anchorpoint and do reviews

Manage your art assets

Use Anchorpoint’s metadata system to tag, describe and add comments on files and folders.

Use the review tools to iterate on your assets before they go into the game engine.

Stop fighting version control

Anchorpoint is the Git-based version control solution for real-time projects, that your artists will appreciate.
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Frequently asked questions

How to use Anchorpoint

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