3D Asset Manager

Collaborate on your art assets for your next game or real-time project. Track progress with version control, provide feedback, and approve your artist's work.

3D review tools in Anchorpoint

Manage large asset repositories

Use the storage solution of your choice. Whether it's TB-sized Git repositories with selective checkout or shared storage solutions like a NAS. Anchorpoint can read them all. No need to worry about compliance and security when it comes to storage.
Anchorpoint displays thumbnails of EXR, HDR, PSD and similar file formats and acts as an alternative to Windows Explorer.
Show previews of industry relevant file formats

What you see is what you get

See previews of 3D models, audio, video, images and specific formats such as Blender, Unreal or Substance.

Use comprehensive asset organization tools

Create custom databases with tags, descriptions, dates, user assignments, and more to manage your production assets. Use templates for folder structures and naming conventions to manage your assets.
Build asset databases using Attributes in Anchorpoint

Review tools

Comment and annotate any image, video, or audio without using an external review tool

Python API

Convert image sequences to video, map folders to drives, or publish files using Python-based actions

Tightly connected with Git

Keep game engine content and art assets in one place. Use selective checkout to only download what you need.


Use folder structures and naming conventions to organize your project structure

Selective checkout

Work with TB-sized Git repositories by downloading only what you need

File conversion

Convert image sequences to video, PSD to PNG or create thumbnails from 3D files.

Anchorpoint makes it easy for our team of designers and developers to collaborate with our Git workflow. It works seamlessly with GitLab and allows us to centralize all our project working files.

Cristal Sung
Technical Program Director


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Manage your 3D assets

Anchorpoint is the Git-based version control solution that lets you visually organize all your art assets. Your artists will love it.
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