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Hey, I'm Matthäus, one of the developers of Anchorpoint. Before building this application, I was a 3D artist, searching for a solution to organize our team projects. You can book a virtual coffee ☕ with me for a demo, I can share my learnings, and we can see if Anchorpoint is a good fit for your studio.
Manage your 3D projects
A simple asset manager for VFX, animation and real-time projects.  Organizes your files and tasks in one cohesive app.

Track your progress with a powerful file browser

Connect Anchorpoint with your existing project and invite team members.
Launch Blender (or any other app) from a task. No need to search for source files.
Draw on renderings, videos and 3D models. Notify your team.

With Anchorpoint our 3D Artists and developers work even more efficiently on projects together. Everything is compactly organized in one pipeline. Thumbnails and full resolution previews make work even more productive.

René Frassek

3D Artist & Product Owner GETPIONEERS GmbH

Manage your 2D and 3D assets easily

No more final_final.psd. Track changes,
publish versions, or safely go back.

Working with Unreal Engine or Unity? Use our artist friendly Git Integration.

Create folders from templates and set naming conventions.
Never rename a file again.
Watch Tutorial
Move faster to the right folder/ file.
Use the Timeline, Push Notifications and quickly switch between projects.

“Anchorpoint helped our remote team to setup a complete production pipeline. Using their building blocks like Attributes, UI or Python functions saved us a lot of pipeline development time”

Jason Gagnon

CG Supervisor on BELLYFANT by Mummysboy Limited

Integrate your tools
Automate your pipeline

Our API allows building automations and integrations with a few lines of Python.
Take a look at our open-source examples
More information
Commit, Push, Pull with full LFS support and an artist friendly UX.
Unreal Engine
Work in progress
See thumbnails, auto import, tag or comment on assets.
Amazon AWS
Mount any S3 compatible storage as a network drive.
Backblaze B2
Watch tutorial
Mount B2 cloud storage as a network drive.
Mount Wasabi S3 cloud storage as a network drive.
no lock-in
Choose your own file hosting service or Git server provider. We are not touching your production data.
offline mode
Unstable internet connection? No problem. Unlike web-based applications, Anchorpoint works fully offline.

“Anchorpoint provides a faster, more streamlined and feature-packed solution for file management that's 1000 times better than using Windows Explorer”

Jesus Suarez

Art Director & 3D Artist

Features, that boost your workflow

File previews
Thumbnails and full resolution previews of EXR, PSD, PSB, AI, PDF, HDR, TGA, SVG, C4D, Blend files.
ACES Profiles
Displays correct colors on your EXR renderings using ACES and other color profiles
Use tabs like a web browser for your files and folders.
Paste clipboard as file
Make a screenshot from anything and paste it as a PNG file.
Play on mouse over
No need to open a player. Quickly scan your video, GIF and audio files by moving the mouse over them.
Drag & Drop everywhere
Open tabs or folders while dragging a file so you can drop it in the right location.
Categorize files, folders and tasks with labels. Use tags for sorting and filtering.
Comment on files
Comment on versions or provide feedback on any file with @mentions.
Custom file previews
Missing a visual thumbnail? Perform a screenshot of your canvas or viewport to use it as a thumbnail.
Task assignments
Assign your team members to tasks, folders or files. They all get notified.
Frame accurate video player
Seek through your videos with a frame accurate video player, that supports a ton of video formats.
Project based favorites
Having deep folder structures. Place frequent used folders on top of the project.
Push notifications
See where you have been assigned on. Notify others when you publish your work.
Image sequence gap detection
Rendering with multiple machines? Quickly check if all files of an image sequence are available.
Quickly filter for any tag, filename or description with a simple filter field.
Anchorpoint got an Epic MegaGrant for it's asset and project management solution for Unreal projects.
Supported by Epic Games
We received an Epic Mega Grant for making collaboration easier for Unreal Engine artists.

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Anchorpoint does not change your workflow. It just takes the maximum out of it.