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Anchorpoint is the simplest version control and asset management solution for your next 3D project.

Trusted by hundreds of studios, design firms and universities, including

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Your files, are YOUR files

Anchorpoint is not another cloud storage. Pick your cloud of choice (GitHub, Dropbox, AWS S3 etc.) and work the way you want, even offline.

We can never view your files

That’s because they never land on our servers. No security concerns from your clients. No lock in.

Work the way you want

Anchorpoint can be customized with and without code. You have endless possibilities to organize your projects, track to-dos and to collaborate the way you want.

Solve your problems with files

Battling with screenshots in chats, files on Dropbox and
Unreal Engine projects in other places? Anchorpoint connects all of them.

Version control

Share files, add speed and security to your development process.

Based on Git
Optimized for game engines

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Version (source, revision) control in Anchorpoint. Anchorpoint is the best source control solution for Unreal Engine
Version control in Anchorpoint for artists and designers. Simply press 2 buttons
It’s simple. You just need to understand two buttons to make it work.
Git scm logo. Version control
Use the full power of Git. Connect to any solution such as GitHub, GitLab, Azure...
Anchorpoint supports file locking
Avoid conflicts using file locking. Get notified when the project updates.

Asset management

Supercharge workflows with DCCs and compositing apps

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Anchorpoint, 3d asset management for animation, games and motion graphics
Tags, comments and other Attributes in Anchorpoint
Build shot lists, asset databases and tasks that connect directly with files and folders.
Folder structure templates
Automate your workflow with folder structures and naming conventions
A cloud NAS for working remotely
Share your files with your team while working remotely

Reviews & approvals

Comment and approve on any image, video 3D model directly on the file. You don’t need to upload them anywhere.

Daily reviews on video, images and 3D models in Anchorpoint


Create databases with tags, notes and labels without writing any code.
Or, use the Python API to build things like

Connect Anchorpoint with GitHub
See more examples on GitHub

How it works

Anchorpoint combines a Git client and file browser with a powerful metadata system.

connect multiple storage types to Anchorpoint

Pick your favorite storage

Use existing projects and Git repositories. Anchorpoint acts like a normal file browser.

Import projects to Anchorpoint

Anchorpoint enriches your assets with thumbnails, tags, versions, assignments and comments.

commit new versions using Git in Anchorpoint


Assign tasks
Publish new versions
Review your work

Features that boost your workflow


Artist friendly, 2 click solution for heavy Unity or Unreal projects
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Anchorpoint supports file locking

File locking

Prevent conflicts by seeing who is working on what. Set files read-only.

File previews

Thumbnails and full resolution previews of EXR, PSD, AI, HDR, SBS, Max, OBJ, FBX, GLTF C4D, Blend files.
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Cloud NAS

Easy to set up and affordable cloud storage at scale for remote teams
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Review tools

Draw on images, videos and 3D models, to provide visual feedback

ACES profiles

See your renders as they are. Display correct colors on your EXRs by using ACES or other color profiles
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Comment on files

Comment on versions or provide
feedback on any file with @mentions.

Fast Search

Find the file needed without having to dig in to folders


Choose from a collection of useful helpers to make repetitive tasks easy.

Build custom UIs

Create an interface that suits
your team and project
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Categorize files, folders and tasks with labels. Use tags for sorting and

Video conversion

Convert EXR, PNG sequences to video, or change audio in video files without re-encoding
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Anchorpoint helped our remote team to setup a complete production pipeline. Using their building blocks like Attributes, UI or Python functions saved us a lot of pipeline
development time.

Jason Gagnon
CG Supervisor on BELLYFANT by Mummysboy Limited

Anchorpoint provides a faster, more streamlined and feature-packed solution for file management that's 1000 times better than using Windows

Jesus Suarez
Art Director & 3D Artist

With Anchorpoint our 3D Artists and developers work even more efficiently on projects together. Everything is compactly organized in one pipeline. Thumbnails and full resolution previews make work even more productive.

René Frasek
3D Artist & Product Owner GETPIONEERS GmbH

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Anchorpoint got an Epic MegaGrant for it's asset and project management solution for Unreal projects.
Supported by Epic Games
We received an Epic Mega Grant for making collaboration easier for Unreal Engine artists.

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