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The simplest asset manager for motion design, animation and game development. Organizes your files and tasks in one cohesive app.

Git version control in Anchorpoint

Version control using Git

Collaborate in Unreal or Unity, by using Git, the most popular version control system.
It's simplified for artists and can handle massive projects in terms of file count and size.
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View 3D &
Substance assets

Anchorpoint displays previews for all of your OBJ, FBX, GLTF and Substance files.

Tracking an asset database in Anchorpoint

Asset organization

Build rich databases that allow you to track every element of an asset. Link your database to your issue tracker of choice (e.g. Jira)

Setting a status on an asset in Anchorpoint

Asset management

Tag, search, annotate, all from the Anchorpoint database.

Build on top of our API

Build integrations, publishers and any kind of plugins for your pipeline.

Version control in Anchorpoint

Multiple people working together?
With Anchorpoint you can easily inspect who did what. Create new versions of your project files and go back to an earlier iteration if you have to!

Setting naming conventions in Anchorpoint

Set naming conventions

Stay consistent by using file and folder templates. Artists never have to name files again!

Create a folder structure in Anchorpoint

Automate with templates

Speedup your work. Create folder structures and naming conventions. Never rename a file again.

Version control

Never lose your work! Anchorpoint makes it easy to create versions for your project files.

Organise your files

Set everything about your project (date, status, artist) directly on your project assets.
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Review by annotating on videos in Anchorpoint

Review and give feedback

Give your feedback right inside Anchorpoint without having to rely on external review tools.
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Pick your own storage

Working with big files in a remote team can be a hassle! With Anchorpoint you can create a storage space (local or cloud) that can be shared with everyone in the team!

Sorting and rating videos in Anchorpoint

Sort the easy way

Rate, sort and tag your video files with ease! Anchorpoint not only allows you to preview your video files, on hover, but you also have multiple ways (grid, table view etc) to view them.

Creating a folder structure template in Anchorpoint

Asset Management

Use Anchorpoint to create templates for your production, including folder structures and naming conventions.

Cloud drive

Use a cloud NAS to collaborate with your remote team and reduce storage costs.

Approving assets in Anchorpoint

Review your work

Review and approve you final deliverable directly on the FBX or GLTF file, without having to rely on other third party tools.

Automation (API)

Automate file conversion processes and batch renaming. Build your asset pipeline.

Anchorpoint works great with all of your favorite applications, especially

How it works

File browsing and project management in one single application

Creating a project in Anchorpoint and determining where the files are located


Create a project

Create a folder for your project, on your storage media of choice (NAS, Dropbox, Cloud Storage), and start building your project there.

This is going to be the space where you and your teammates will collaborate.

Anchorpoint watches files in a file browser and displays versions as stacks


Add the folder to Anchorpoint

Let Anchorpoint know which folder you want it to monitor. All the preparations steps will now occur (thumbnail generation, indexing etc.), to make it easy to collaborate later on.

Anchorpoint will make it easy for you to associate your ToDos with your project files.

Tracking a shotlist in Anchorpoint


Invite members and collaborate

Now that you’re organized, you can start inviting people to work on the project.

Assign tasks, organize your assets, and iterate by creating new file versions. With Anchorpoint you can create simple to-do lists or advanced tasks based on your pipeline.

Features that boost your workflow

Version control

See who has done what and go back to a previous version when needed


Artist friendly, 3 click solution for heavy Unity or Unreal projects
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Cloud NAS

Easy to set up and affordable cloud storage at scale for remote teams
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Review tools

Draw on images, videos and 3D models, to provide visual feedback

Comment on files

Comment on versions or provide
feedback on any file with @mentions.

ACES profiles

See your renders as they are. Display correct colors on your EXRs by using ACES or other color profiles
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File previews

Thumbnails and full resolution previews of EXR, PSD, AI, HDR, SBS, Max, OBJ, FBX, GLTF C4D, Blend files.
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Fast Search

Find the file needed without having to dig in to folders


Choose from a collection of useful helpers to make repetitive tasks easy.

Build custom UIs

Create an interface that suits
your team and project
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Categorize files, folders and tasks with labels. Use tags for sorting and

Video conversion

Convert EXR, PNG sequences to video, or change audio in video files without re-encoding
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Anchorpoint helped our remote team to setup a complete production pipeline. Using their building blocks like Attributes, UI or Python functions saved us a lot of pipeline
development time.

Jason Gagnon
CG Supervisor on BELLYFANT by Mummysboy Limited

Anchorpoint provides a faster, more streamlined and feature-packed solution for file management that's 1000 times better than using Windows

Jesus Suarez
Art Director & 3D Artist

With Anchorpoint our 3D Artists and developers work even more efficiently on projects together. Everything is compactly organized in one pipeline. Thumbnails and full resolution previews make work even more productive.

René Frasek
3D Artist & Product Owner GETPIONEERS GmbH

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Anchorpoint got an Epic MegaGrant for it's asset and project management solution for Unreal projects.
Supported by Epic Games
We received an Epic Mega Grant for making collaboration easier for Unreal Engine artists.

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