Anchorpoint vs Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM (now Unity Version Control) is an own version control solution, now owned by Unity, but you can also use it outside the Unity context. Anchorpoint uses Git (the most popular version control system for developers) and simplifies it to just two buttons. You can easily connect it with GitHub or any other Git server. There's no lock-in, and it also includes asset management features.

anchorpoint vs plastic scm

About Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM has been around since October 2006. It was acquired by Unity in 2020 and rebranded to Unity Version Control.

It provides features like branching, change lists, and support for binary files and feels more modern then it’s competitor Perforce. It works centralized (like Perforce) and decentralized (like Git) so it can support development and artists workflows as well.

What makes Anchorpoint stand out compared to Plastic SCM?

Reason #1

No Lock-in

Anchorpoint is built on Git, a platform most programmers are already familiar with. Git is open source and its the most popular version control system. This means you can easily integrate with GitHub or any other hosting providers of their choice. Anchorpoint not only offers the standard Git features but also enhances it with file locking and other collaboration tools, making it a versatile choice for teams.

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Anchorpoint is part of the Git ecosystem
Git self hosting with Anchorpoint
Reason #2


If you're considering self-hosting with Plastic SCM, you'd need to engage in discussions with their sales team. On the other hand, Anchorpoint's foundation on Git means you have the freedom to store your files wherever you prefer, without any additional costs.

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Reason #3

File Previews

One of the standout features of Anchorpoint is its ability to display thumbnails for various file formats like Gltf, FBX, OBJ, PSD, and EXR. This visual representation gives you a clearer understanding of the changes made, enhancing the overall workflow.

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Thumbnails of GLTF, GLB, FBX, OBJ, PSD, BLend, C4d, hdr files in Anchorpoint
Anchorpoint, 3d asset management for animation, games and motion graphics
Reason #4

Asset Management

Anchorpoint isn't just about version control; it's also an asset management tool. You can tag, annotate, and approve assets with ease. It functions similarly to Notion but is tailored for files. Whether you're working with Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, or other software, Anchorpoint helps you organize all your assets efficiently. Plus, if there are files that don't require versioning, you can effortlessly share them via a cloud drive.

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Reason #5

Easy for Artists

Anchorpoint's two-button solution streamlines common tasks. It retains the comprehensive functionalities of Git, ensuring flexibility isn't sacrificed for simplicity.

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Version control in Anchorpoint using Git
Reason #6

It's visual

Last but not least, Anchorpoint is able to display thumbnails of industry relevant file formats such as FBX, EXR, PSD or audio and video files. You can quickly browse and search your files.

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Feature comparison

Compare how Plastic SCM and Anchorpoint handle version control and asset management

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