Git for artists and designers

The full power of Git, accessible for non coders, scalable and intuitive. Anchorpoint is like Git on steroids.

Git for artists and designers. Anchorpoint is a Git client for non coders

The perfect version control solution for

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Anchorpoint uses Git LFS and is optimized for binary files. It stands up to all the demands of AR/VR and game development.

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Anchorpoint uses Git and is compatible with the whole Git ecosystem like GitHUb, Gitlab, Sourcetree, Azure DevOps, Gitea, GitKraken

No lock in

Rely on Git, the open source version control system. No lock in to proprietary systems.

Anchorpoint displays thumbnails of FBX, gltf, obj, glb and other files in the GIt changes

It’s visual

Anchorpoint supports industry-standard file previews such as FBX, GLTF, PSD, EXR, etc.

Made for non coders

  • Setup repositories with few clicks
  • One button workflows
  • Simple conflict resolving
File Locking in Git using Anchorpoint

File locking

Avoid conflicts with Anchorpoint's fast and reliable file locking mechanism.

Anchorpoint uses Git LFS to push large projects in Unreal and Unity

Git at crazy scale

Push 100 GB or half a million files to a Git repository in a single commit. 
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What to do with large amounts of "not to be versioned" data?

Cloud NAS in Anchorpoint

Put your asset packs, image sequences or texture collections on a Cloud Drive, that streams files on demand. All your files are managed by Anchorpoint.

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With Anchorpoint our 3D Artists and developers work even more efficiently on projects together. Everything is compactly organized in one pipeline. Thumbnails and full resolution previews make work even more productive.

René Frasek

3D Artist & Product Owner 


Packed with features that simplify the artist’s workflows

Without losing the power and flexibility of Git

Single file operations

Compare and restore versions of individual files

Automatic LFS configuration

No need to install LFS and set up configuration and attribute files

Push notifications

Get notified when teammates have pushed new commits to keep you up to date.

Search and filter

Get a good overview of commits with many files, or search the whole project

Own Git terminal

Run debugging sessions with developers without having to install Git separately

Python API

Building integrations and triggering hooks on commits

How it works

Use the Git server of your choice, such as GitHub, Azure DevOps or a self-hosted Git server.

Add metadata to your files

Additional metadata is added for features such as file locking, tags and notifications.

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Anchorpoint brings it all together in one elegant desktop application.

Anchorpoint got an Epic MegaGrant for it's asset and project management solution for Unreal projects.
Supported by Epic Games
We received an Epic Mega Grant for making collaboration easier for Unreal Engine artists.

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