Git for artists

Anchorpoint is based on Git and optimized for binaries and TB sized repositories.

Git for artists and designers. Anchorpoint is a Git client for non coders

The perfect version control solution for

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Anchorpoint uses Git LFS and is optimized for binary files. It stands up to all the demands of AR/VR and game development.

Anchorpoint uses Git and is compatible with the whole Git ecosystem like GitHUb, Gitlab, Sourcetree, Azure DevOps, Gitea, GitKraken

No lock in

Rely on Git, the open source version control system. No lock-in to proprietary systems.

Anchorpoint displays thumbnails of FBX, gltf, obj, glb and other files in the GIt changes


Create remote repositories directly from Anchorpoint.

Git workflows, simplified

Let artists collaborate on Git projects without breaking something. Anchorpoint takes care of Git LFS and any other possible pitfall.

Anchorpoint interface which is easy GIt version control
File Locking in Git using Anchorpoint

File locking

Avoid conflicts with Anchorpoint's fast file locking mechanism.

Anchorpoint uses Git LFS to push large projects in Unreal and Unity

Git at scale

Push TBs or a million files to a Git repository. 
See it in action

Cache cleanup

Anchorpoint automatically cleans up the LFS cache. No need to allocate more disk space than necessary.

git lfs cache clean up with other git clients

Other Git clients

git lfs cache clean up with anchorpoint


Selective checkout

Work with TB-sized Git repositories by downloading only what you need
How it works

Cache clean up

Anchorpoint cleans up the LFS cache automatically. No need to allocate more disc space.

Faile safe

Checks for missing .gitignores, Git projects on a Dropbox, and other possible user errors.

Automatic LFS configuration

No need to install LFS and set up configuration and attribute files


See a visual representation of your files such as FBX, PSD etc. in your commit history.

Unreal Engine support

Understands OFPA (one file per actor) as well as dependencies in uasset and umap files.

With Anchorpoint our 3D Artists and developers work even more efficiently on projects together. Everything is compactly organized in one pipeline. Thumbnails and full resolution previews make work even more productive.

René Frasek
3D Artist & Product Owner 


Frequently asked questions

Manage your 3D assets

Anchorpoint is the Git-based version control solution that lets you visually organize all your art assets. Your artists will love it.
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