Git for artists

Collaborate in Unreal Engine or any other solution using Git, the most popular source control system.

Git for artists. An Unreal Engine project with the source control system Git in Anchorpoint.

Artists can participate in the Git workflow without having Git explained to them. Anchorpoint's Git integration provides the essential features.

Use Git with binary assets

Anchorpoint includes Git LFS, without any need for configuration. A clear cache feature cleans up older versions to save disk space.
Pushing files to a GitHub, Azure Devops or other remote repositors using Anchorpoint.
Git for artist. Showing uncommitted changes in Anchorpoint.

Simplified UI

A clear and straightforward UI guides non-technical users on what to do next.

Undo commits

Don’t panic when something breaks. Undo commit will revert broken project versions.
Git for artists. Undo changes in Git using Anchorpoint.

Config presets

Use presets for .gitignore configurations for Unreal, Unity or Godot. You can also create your own.


Change or create new branches with a simple dropdown.

Automatic rebase

Don't worry about merge and rebase. Anchorpoint does it for you with every server sync.

Compatible to any Git provider

Choose your own Git hosting provider like GitHub, GitLab, Azure Devops or your own Gitea server.

Own Git terminal

Debugging sessions become much easier.

Want to learn more? Our documentation describes everything in detail.

Anchorpoint got an Epic MegaGrant for it's asset and project management solution for Unreal projects.
Supported by Epic Games
We received an Epic Mega Grant for making collaboration easier for Unreal Engine artists.

Bring artists to your Git workflow

No learning curves, no IT setup, a complete no-brainer.
Save time, save stress using Anchorpoint in your project.

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