Every month, we release at least one update that contains either new features or improvements.
May 7, 2024

Search in Selective Checkout

This update allows you to search within a Git repository for files that have not been checked out yet. This is especially useful for large repositories that manage art assets. The "refresh" option will download the file so that you get a proper thumbnail.

Other improvements

  • Anchorpoint has a security check to prevent putting Git repositories into file syncing solution such as Dropbox
  • Anchorpoint can now run in the Backtround
  • Added support for Unreal Engine 5.4
  • Fixed broken continue button in project setup on existing Git repositories
  • Fixed broken "Open as new Version" button in gridview
  • Old and deleted branches are pruned on fetch
  • Existing Attributes are greyed out in the "New Attribute" menu
April 26, 2024

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed treeview crashes
  • Removed RespectReadOnlyScript.cs for Unity, because it locked files by accident. You can still download it from our documentation
  • Fixed refreshing Git branches on fetch
  • Fixed an issue with sorting and grouping
April 22, 2024

More control on commit workflows

When working on Unreal or Unity projects, you end up with a lot of changed files (imported models, modified blueprints, etc.) Anchorpoint now provides features such as grouping and dependency detection that allow you to better control what to commit and what not to commit.

In the Modified Files section, enable grouping by location. You can also click the group checkbox to include all files in that group, such as everything (textures, geometry, etc.) you need for an asset.

The grouping can also be customized to understand one file per actor locations.


  • Added a global filter for file types, that let you hide unwanted files such as blend1, meta or anything else, generated by applications.
  • Added button to check all dependencies of a .umap or .uasset file, to be included in the commit
  • Overhauled the Git authorization flow, including fallbacks, when something goes wrong, and a better integration setup.
  • Show warning when pushing files to GitHub that exceed 2GB of file size
  • Added [ParentFolder] token for templates
  • Automatically store text files as LFS if they are above 100MB
  • Hold file locking as long as the proper change is pulled
  • Undo commit can now undo multiple commits as long as they don’t include a merge
  • Undo commit can completely resolve local commits
  • Enabled version stacking in Git projects and improved the UI of stacking. This allows also for more space for reviews
  • Added the option to move changed files to a branch, when doing a branch switch
  • The tree view loads faster when opening a Git project
  • Fixed several UI glitches on buttons


  • Fixed an issue with broken Git config files
  • Fetch changes on all remote branches instead of only local ones
  • Make file locks read only again after Git stash apply and Git pull
  • Fixed an issue with icon picker popping up on the wrong position in the tree view
  • Fixed overshoot issue of text in conflict dialog
  • Fixed an issue where a file block in grid view is not correctly resized back when scaling down the tiles
  • Fixed Unicode issues in the conflict manager
  • Always show the changed files block in the timeline
  • Fixed issues with Gitea connection on macOS
  • Fixed an issue where Anchorpoint looses the project connection due to a missing .approj file
  • Fixed an issue when inviting members and using non lower case characters
  • Fixed local templates can be instantiated in Git projects
  • Fixed an issue with fatal pull and merge errors
  • Fixed an issue where Anchorpoint is not starting properly and you have to kill and restart it
  • Fixed wrong unlocking files process indicator
  • Fixed issues where merges don’t work with local commits
  • Reviews can be loaded in offline mode
March 14, 2024

Git fixes and improvements

This update provides several small fixes for Git integrations and selective checkout


  • Updated Python documentation
  • View online option, when joining a Git repository
  • Add info popup when connecting the GitHub integration
  • Only connect integrations when the validation step is done properly
  • Add Unload and Download to folders which are partially checked out
  • Make Git handling more asynchronous to speedup the loading of the timeline on start
  • Add info popup before unloading a folder


  • Show loading indicator when changing seat count to prevent running into issues
  • Fixed name validator to prevent entering names that only include non standard characters
  • Handle Azure DevOps 503 error
  • Handle Unicode characters in selective checkout
  • Fix .gitattributes file cannot be parsed correctly with Unicode characters
  • Fixed solving conflicts with renamed files
  • Fixed several issues when the Timeline is empty
  • Fixed issues of read-only files when shelved files are applied back to changed files
February 22, 2024

GitLab (self-hosted) integration

This release includes integration for self-hosted GitLab servers. You can create projects and add members on GitLab without leaving Anchorpoint. There are also a lot of small improvements in this release that make Anchorpoint feel faster.


  • Added a “Create Test Repository” step in each integration to check if it’s working without the need to create a project
  • Improved the progress indicator on selective download
  • Improved general error handling, so that it’s easier to send us a message on unknown errors. We can then fix them quicker.
  • Improved Git push handling, in case multiple people are pushing at the same time
  • Improved adding member via the integration if it’s not possible automatically. A popup will guide the user to the web interface of the Git hosting provider.
  • Handle webloc files on Drag&Drop
  • Show a better message when the Git server is unreachable
  • Catch Azure DevOps HTML errors in a better way
  • Don’t show a global overlay on Git fetch
  • Remove glitches with the Pull button which was still available after pulling
  • Conflicted files are marked properly in the file browser
  • Clearing caches happens in the background without a global overlay
  • Added auto fetch when Timeline is opened


  • Added horizontal scrolling on touchpads
  • Moved Unity respect read only file script to Assets/Scripts/Editor, so that it’s ignored in the build process
  • Updated clear Git cache to make it more secure
  • Fixed Timeline metadata overrides the thumbnail for conflicted files
  • Fixed general error handling on Git clone
  • Fixed issues with the GitHub integration that did not allow to create projects
  • Remove broken projects from the list, when they could not been created in combination with a Git repository
  • Prevent changing the owner level in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with thumbnail loading in the conflict manager
  • Fixed issues on joining projects that have already been checked out via e.g. GitHub Desktop
  • Fixed issues with Git credential manager
  • Fixed issues with corrupted Git LFS cache
  • Fixed issues when creating projects that have already been checked out using another Git client
  • Fixed certain actor names from Unreal Engine that could not be resolved
  • Fixed timeout on loading project actions when network mounts, which have been there before, are disconnected
  • Fixed an issue with showing wrong files after Git revert
  • Fixed Drag&Drop issues in combination with dragging files from the macOS finder on the favorites
  • Fixed thumbnail issues with mp4 videos
  • Fixed freezes after update process
  • Fixed an issue with Reset, Revert and Restore progress indication
  • Fixed an issue with clear cache
  • Fixed an issue with reverting untracked new files
January 24, 2024



  • Showing a more descriptive error message when you cannot push or join a Git repository on GitHub
  • Fixed "Remove existing Git repository" dialog
  • Fixed a crash on starting up
  • Fixed link to GitHub project settings
  • Fixed buttons are not updating when switching the remote option on create project
  • Fixed cannot pull repository when two users create the initial commit
January 23, 2024

Optimised use of storage space

Git projects take up less disk space. Anchorpoint cleans up unnecessary LFS cache files on every commit. Previously, you needed at least twice the size of your project plus additional free space to work properly with Git. That's no longer necessary.

The clear cache command is also adjusted to remove anything unnecessary to free up space.


  • The Git project can be placed on a network drive (e.g. NAS). Only do this if you are working alone on the NAS and not sharing it with your team.
  • Anchorpoint checks to see if a .gitignore file was created on the first commit, and displays a warning if it was not.
  • Filtering of files is more tolerant
  • Provide better guidance when you cannot connect to an Azure DevOps repository
  • Provide better guidance for merge commits
  • Highlight the appropriate buttons when changed files are available
  • The commit ID can be copied to clipboard from any commit
  • App links, created on a file, open the file on click (There is also a setting to disable this)
  • Showing a tooltip on a file status to better understand what is going on
  • Option to disable automatic regular updates


  • Prevent crash when filtering a huge amount of files in a folder
  • Prevent review drawing from disappearing when you enter a comment
  • Fixed cannot load timeline issues
  • Prevent adding files that are not in the project to the task detail page to avoid missing timeline entries
  • Actor file names (when using OFPA) are displayed correctly in the resolve conflicts manager
  • Fixed multiple git processes are not terminated properly
  • Fixed incorrect file and thumbnail display when saving files in Photoshop in an Anchorpoint project.
  • Fixed an issue with slowing down on older projects (Git is optimizing things)
  • Unknown Unreal Engine actor types are shown correctly
  • Fixed wrong location attribute on image sequence stacks
  • Fixed resetting folder icons when renaming a folder
December 21, 2023

Unreal Engine thumbnails

With this release, Anchorpoint can read uasset and umap files to display thumbnails in the timeline and file browser. One file per actor is also supported, so Anchorpoint will display the actor's name and type instead of the original hashed filename. No plugin is required.


  • Added a health check if Anchorpoint cannot reach the remote server.
  • Text-based files (.meta, .asset, etc.) for Unity projects are now displayed correctly.
  • Flac files show a waveform and can be played


  • Fixed Uninstaller does not remove desktop shortcut and start menu entry
  • Fixed Partial status is displayed incorrectly in some cases
  • Fixed Open file buttons were displayed incorrectly when opening the preview page from an older commit
  • New console entries have a proper space
December 18, 2023

Selective Download/ Unload of Folders

Collaborate on larger Git project which include the game engine and art assets. Only download selected folders on your computer to save space.

You can also unload existing folders from your Git project.


  • Search settings have been regrouped and an option to enable/ disable stacking has been added
  • Sidebar on the left is now fully scrollable
  • Tag menu shows already used tags as greyed out
  • Improved UI responsiveness and layout adjustments when there is little space to always show pending changes
  • Added a script to Unity projects so that it respects read-only files
  • Added options for re-generating thumbnails and ignore thumbnail generation when they increase a certain size
  • Opening app links in Google Chrome does not create a new tab due to a new browser extension
  • Added an option to open files from the preview page


  • File locking got a fallback for checking every minute if changes files are available, so that it locks them
  • Fixed an issue with file locks not syncing correctly
  • Fixed an issue with renaming projects
  • Fixed an issue with the window size when you restart Anchorpoint
  • Login issues should happen less, due to an included SSL root certificate
  • Fixed an issue when navigating from the Timeline to .gitkeep files
  • Favorites have a bigger drop area
  • Fixed an issue when branches are diverged and pushing is not possible
  • Fixed an issue with shelved files to include changes from others
  • OBJ files are handles as LFS objects
  • Git is optimizing overlay shows with a bigger delay
  • Fixed AutoStart on Windows 10
  • Issues with conflict dialog stability
  • Fixed an issue with long filenames
  • Azure DevOps integration: Allow renaming of the Anchorpoint project and don’t lose the connection to the Azure DevOps project
  • Fixed UI crash coming from diagnostics
  • Fixed timeline loading issues when joining a project
  • Fixed broken zooming on images
  • Fixed double tooltip issue in changed files
  • Fixed video player is not stopping when hovering on files
  • Fixed XML is not shown as a text file
October 16, 2023

Gitea integration and stability improvements

A new Gitea integration allows you to manage repositories on a self-hosted Gitea server directly from Anchorpoint. Furthermore, this release comes with a lot of other stability improvements for the Attribute system.


  • Restricted attribute creation, renaming, and deletion to project admins. This also includes the modification of tags. These access controls allow you to give access to only dedicated members on your project.
  • Automatic file locking for text files.
  • Run Anchorpoint on autostart option.
  • Manual reordering of tags is now possible.
  • Local Git repositories can be converted into remote repositories when adding the remote URL.


  • Fixed attribute storing issues that caused loss of text or tag entries.
  • Fixed text field update issues when removing text and navigating out of the folder.
  • Removed flickering on text field updates.
  • Fixed attributes not being transferred to files and folders when they are moved.
  • Action updates have better notification.
  • Git commands show up when the Git repository is not checked out.
  • Commit details can be loaded when a commit is not pushed yet.
  • Search results are filtering deleted files.
  • Fixed issues with the conflict page that could not load properly.
  • Fixed issues with action loading on first start.
  • Fixed an issue with Azure DevOps integration not loading correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with attributes that were hidden when the tab was switched.
  • Hover preview on videos works on a network drive.
  • Invite popup waits until the initial database sync is ready.
  • Git settings are now scrollable.

September 27, 2023

Integrations and CSV export


With the new integrations, you can now create repositories on GitHub and GitLab directly from Anchorpoint. Added and removed members are also automatically synced. Read more about the integration with GitHub and GitLab.

Furthermore, attributes on tasks, folders, and files can now be exported to a CSV file.


  • The branch overview is sorted by modification date and shows the member who committed the last change.
  • Previous versions in the Git timeline now show the correct thumbnail.
  • Git credential settings can now be cleared from Anchorpoint.
  • It is now possible to disable the automatic Git LFS file assignment and use your own .gitattributes file.
  • Newly created folders in Anchorpoint can now add a hidden file, allowing empty folders to be pushed to a Git repository.
  • Templates can now be stored on Windows and macOS, with separate paths for both systems.
  • New tokens have been added for templates
  • The "Create Referenced File" command now also allows relative filepaths.


  • Added a reset Anchorpoint script for when Anchorpoint cannot login or sync the database.
  • The branch list is now scrollable to the end via mousewheel.
  • The top-level entry in the project tree view cannot be deleted.
  • Fixed several connection issues with Azure DevOps integration.
September 5, 2023

Azure DevOps integration


We added the foundation for integrations in this release by implementing an integration system. Anchorpoint now includes an Azure DevOps integration, which allows you to create repositories and add members on Azure DevOps directly in Anchorpoint. More information on the Azure DevOps integration.


  • Checkboxes are now marked in gray when checked to ensure a better overview of what has been checked and what has not.
  • Audio in the preview page is also finally working and supports scrubbing and commenting with time code.
  • Scrubbing for audio is now also available on thumbnails.


  • Fixed an issue with window resizing and the sidebar not being adjusted correctly.
  • Cursors for painting tools are now working again.
  • The context menu in Attribute entries no longer closes the parent menu.
  • Wrong job stack display and push errors have been fixed.
  • Unlocking a massive amount of files now works properly.
  • All files are now unlocked automatically for a particular member when they are removed from projects.
  • Branch switching is now more responsive.
  • The Git timeline now shows again when Anchorpoint runs offline.
  • Removed freezing when Anchorpoint runs offline.
  • Fixed rounded corner issue in rectangle review tools
August 8, 2023

Conflict Resolution and Branch Controls

This update provides more control over how to resolve conflicts when two artists work on the same file. You can now choose which version should be used as the latest one on a per-file basis.

The Branches UI has also been updated. You can now merge branches into your current branch.


  • Resolve conflicts on a per-file basis
  • Updated branch overview
  • Copy files like PSD, EXR, FBX, etc., and paste them as a PNG. Anchorpoint converts the file internally and adds it to the clipboard.
  • Adjust the Git remote URL in the Project settings
  • Added a new Unreal Engine demo project for better onboarding


  • Fixed crash problems that occurred due to thumbnail generation
  • Fixed timeline icons not updating properly
  • Fixed a refresh issue with the Info Attribute
  • Fixed freezing of Anchorpoint after waking up from hibernation
  • Fixed the issue of templates being created in the wrong workspace
  • Fixed an issue of coloring the folder icon
  • Fixed an issue where Windows started the wrong Anchorpoint version
  • Fixed an issue of merging the .gitattributes file
July 17, 2023

Timeline filtering

Entries in the timeline can be filtered by type. This means that attributes, comments, and Git commits can be toggled on and off. A text search allows for searching for a specific entry, such as the author or comment. The task system has also received some updates.

Timeline Filtering

  • Specific attributes can be hidden or shown in the timeline
  • Scrolling through the full Git history now works, and the timeline automatically reloads when scrolling
  • Comments can also be enabled or disabled from the timeline
  • Lock information can also be hidden


  • Tasks now support copy, paste, and duplicate functions
  • Tasks can be moved across views, folders, and projects

Fixes and Improvements

  • Member roles are now set when inviting them to a project
  • Git is now installed automatically in the background when Anchorpoint is opened for the first time
  • An issue with joining a workspace for the first time has been fixed
  • The favorite area is now scrollable
  • Full screen mode now works even when the frameless window is disabled
  • Middle click in breadcrumbs opens a new tab
June 15, 2023

File locking


Files can be locked to prevent conflicts when two or more members work on the same file. This works for every project, including Git repositories or projects on Dropbox.

In Git repositories, files are locked automatically when you make an edit to them. You can also lock and unlock files via the context menu. Learn more about File locking.


  • The Timeline UI has been updated and is now slicker. You don't need to scroll as much, because timeline entries don't take up as much space.
  • Customize your projects page by reordering blocks.
  • Push notifications are sent when new Git commits from your team are available.


  • Fixed an issue where Anchorpoint lost connection to the project folder when the trial ended.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the project page.
June 5, 2023

Reset project

This action update brings the Reset Project feature into Git. This allows you to set the whole repository to a specific commit. From there you can, for example, build a variation of your Unreal/Unity project on a separate branch.


  • Fixed connection issues to Azure DevOps that sometimes occur on WIFI with ipv6 connections
June 1, 2023

Improved support and onboarding

We removed the red hotspots with the video pop-ups and added a help sidebar, which shows Anchorpoints' most frequent use cases and links to the documentation and tutorials. Empty states and descriptions are clearer and contain links to the documentation for more information.

Features and UX

  • Changed files in Git show the file path in a location attribute
  • Sorting and the quick filter work in Git changed files
  • Project icon can be added to tabs (you have to enable it in the application settings)
  • The project list allows manual sorting via drag and drop
  • Send message stores the input text
  • Hover effects are quicker, so the application feels lighter
  • New members can be immediately assigned to projects after they get invited to the workspace
  • Multiselection works on the Projects page
  • Improved action descriptions
  • Cloud Drive now supports Google Cloud (experimental)
  • Added Create Referenced File (Publish) command (experimental)


  • Fixed scrolling jumps sometimes (the scrolling steps were too high)
  • Fixed closing of first tab did not work
  • Fixed issues with name sorting in tasks
  • Fixed broken display when Wrap Cells is enabled
  • Fixed broken member display when new members join a workspace
  • Fixed issues in projects filter
  • Fixed broken selection of frames on comments in video player
April 24, 2023

Recent files and audio thumbnails


  • Cloud Drive Support for macOS
    Now you can mount a cloud drive on a Mac just like you can on Windows, with no configuration or permissions required.
  • Recent Files Block
    Quickly access the last 5 project files from the Project Dashboard
  • Audio file thumbnails
    View a waveform of .mp3, .wav, and other audio files. Hover over a file to trigger playback. If you still see wrong thumbnails, go to the Account Settings / Application and clear the image cache.


  • Project dashboard is shown when the application is starting for the first time
  • Default sidebar width has been doubled
  • Clear image cache button to free up disk space used by thumbnails


  • Fixed an issue with a failed initial commit in Git repositories
  • Fixed an issue when sorting on folders and files
  • Fixed an issue when renaming folders. This broke metadata in the past.
April 13, 2023

Git Single File Commands and a New Project Dashboard

This update comes with a lot of improvements when using version control with Git.

Single file operations

  • Revert and restore selected files, rather than doing it on the whole commit.
  • Restore allows you to overwrite the current version or place both versions next to each other in case you want to merge two files manually together.

Combine Commit and Push

Commit and Push are now one operation, which makes the workflow even simpler. You can also split Commit and Push in the Workspace Settings under Git.

Text viewer

Anchorpoint is able to show text files correctly. It can also show inline changes of commits, which is important when you write C# scripts for Unity or C++ or Verse for Unreal Engine.

Project dashboard

This is a new personal overview page which shows all the workspace members, projects, and project details such as:

  • The project location
  • Members assigned to the project

It is also the default page when creating a new tab or joining an Anchorpoint workspace as a new user. This will make onboarding of new artists easier.

Furthermore, a new demo project is also included.

Further fixes

  • You can delete your Anchorpoint account under account settings
  • Workspace and account settings are now accessible from the same page
  • Fixed click zones in comments
  • Fixed an issue where folders with a lot of content could not load properly
  • Fixed join project issues with Dropbox Business on macOS
  • Fixed an issue with profile naming
March 20, 2023

Action Backwards compatibility

This update comes with an Action Distribution improvement and other small fixes

  • Fixed project folder looses icon color
  • Fixed issue with displaying more than 1000 files in the browser and image sequence stacking
  • The default action repository is now linked to tags in the Anchorpoint GitHub repository and is backwards compatible.
March 16, 2023

Unified views in Git commits

This update provides another set of improvements for version control using Git. We have unified file views and improved the daily commit, push, and pull workflow.

Unified Views in Git Commits

  • List and Grid Views
  • Image Sequence Stacking
  • Supports Multi-Selection to choose which files should be committed and which ones should not

Git Improvements

  • Shelved Files
    Also known as Git Auto Stash. File changes can be pulled even when uncommitted file changes exist. You don’t need to commit your files when doing a pull anymore. Branches can also be switched, even with uncommitted file changes.
  • Join Git Repositories, even when you have already checked out the repository with another Git client
  • The commit process is now cancelable
  • The pull process is now cancelable
  • Pulled commits are merged instead of being rebased. This solves issues when you have a lot of local commits and want to pull a change from a team member.
  • Improved Git terminal on macOS
  • Timeline shows new remote commits in a batch icon
  • Anchorpoint detects if files are locked and informs the user

Other Improvements

  • Search results can now be grouped via folder, modification date, or best match
  • Show a count on the workspace indicator when there are new projects available
  • New task blocks are incrementing their name


  • Fixed wrong deletion status in Git of files that are still there
  • Fixed crash in MPV video player on hover on thumbnails
  • Fixed the issue that filters are disabled once sorting is triggered
  • Fixed missing search results for tags
  • Added a button in troubleshooting to reset window positions when the window is no longer available
  • Scrolling issues on larger folders have been resolved
  • Project menu is closed automatically when you open a project in a new tab
February 22, 2023

Git installation improvements

This update simplifies the Git installation process and comes with some important fixes, when working with Git repositories

  • Updated Git to version 2.39.2
  • Installation dialog is not a popup but embedded in the project creation dialog
  • The console does not show automatically when errors appear
  • Member popups are not shown when the user is not available in Anchorpoint
  • Improved the copy of certain validation and error messages
  • When creating a Git repository with an Unreal project, Anchorpoint automatically sets the correct .gitignore configuration
February 20, 2023

Project creation and user management improvements

This release represents a major overhaul of the user experience for creating and managing projects. A three-step wizard guides the process of creating a Git repository or project on Dropbox, including adjusting the name and inviting members.

Member roles and access control are now much clearer. Hovering over any member displays their rights, and you can give them permissions to edit projects or make them admins.

Creating Git repositories is even easier now, with just one way to create a Git repo and use a Gitignore template during the creation process.


  • Create projects using a three-step wizard
  • Simplified workspace member roles
  • Creating Git repositories is easier

UX Improvements

  • Project roles are eliminated
  • Hovering over a member displays all member information in a popup
  • Favorites can be created using a star icon in the top right corner
  • App links can be created using a star icon in the top right corner
  • Tab handling is improved
  • Better placeholders are displayed when no project files are attached to Anchorpoint

Bug Fixes

  • App icon is displayed in push notifications
  • New tasks are created without a popup
  • The scale of grid elements is not modified when a filter is set
February 8, 2023

Task API

This version includes an improvement of the Python API and allows creating and modify tasks. Examples are available on our GitHub repository.

More improvements

  • Cloud drive now supports the "Other" option. This allows you to connect any S3 server with an endpoint.
  • The cloud drive is automatically disabled when the participant is removed from the workspace
  • In the trial version, you can add up to 100 participants instead of 25
  • The search function allows a fuzzy search
  • Cards have been renamed to Tasks in the whole application


  • Create task blocks and individual tasks
  • Hooks on task creation, deletion and rename have been added
  • App links can also be created via the API
  • General improvements to Attribute creation via the API. See examples on GitHub
January 20, 2023

Action hotfixes

This update includes the following fixes

  • fixed an issue with acescg color conversion
  • fixed a crash on Windows when starting Anchorpoint 
  • fixed an issue that Anchorpoint actions could not be loaded
  • fixed UI hiccup when inviting users to your workspace
January 17, 2023


This update includes a search function in projects that can search for files, folders, tasks and blocks with respective attributes.

- Much faster than Windows Explorer search
- Image sequences are automatically stacked
- Thumbnails are displayed and can be enlarged by hovering over them
- Search can be optimized with filters

UX improvements
- Double click to open a folder is now standard
- A bug or similar can be reported faster with the new "Send us a Message" function
- The .approj file no longer appears by default in the Anchorpoint browser

- Applinks to Cards work again
- Screenshots can be created in Cards again
- Favorites are saved relative to the project again
- Projects can be created if a hidden .ap folder already exists. This process blocked project creation in certain cases.

January 6, 2023

Project permission fix

This update fixes permission issues for projects with Git repositories.

January 2, 2023

Action hotfixes

This update includes the following fixes

  • A meaningful message when Anchorpoint detects multiple .git folders inside the project
  • Fixed files cannot be open on macOS
  • Fixed an issue using Cloud Drive with special characters in the username on Windows
  • Uninstalling Anchorpoint removes also the "Open in Anchorpoint" from Windows Explorer

UX improvements

  • VDB files are also stacked when sequence stacking is enabled
December 21, 2022

Hotfixes and image sequence improvement

This update includes the following fixes

  • Fixed the issue with huge memory consumption when previewing EXR files
  • Fixes issue with Python cache that resulted in console errors
  • Use Ctrl+SHIFT+I to copy the gap of an image sequence to clipboard
December 15, 2022

Git performance

This update focuses on Git performance for large projects. If you are uploading your Unreal project to a Git server (e.g. GitHub, Azure Devops or a self-hosted Git server) for the first time, it is possible that you will have to commit and push several thousand files. Anchorpoint supports up to half a million files and remains stable.

Bug fixes

  • Uninstalling the application also removes the "Open in Anchorpoint" from the context menu
  • Renaming uppercase letters to lowercase (and vice versa) is now displayed correctly
  • Drag preview on version stack is shown correctly
  • Switch Workspace button sizes issue has been fixed
December 8, 2022

Better workspace handling

We have updated our application to make it easier to change workspaces. A workspace in our application is similar to a workspace on Slack or a server on Discord. Simply click in the top right corner of the app to switch to a team member's workspace. This will give you access to all projects and actions in that workspace. You can also now mount the cloud drive for easier collaboration.

This update also includes fixes for Git


  • Workspaces are listed in a menu in the top right corner
  • You can leave Workspaces
  • Browsing without projects is now available in other Workspaces. This also includes the execution of Actions (e.g., Mount Cloud Drive)
  • Members can create projects in other Workspace by default. You don't need to give them admin access.
  • Anybody who is in the Workspace can join a project by opening the .approj file from Windows Explorer or macOS Finder

Bug fixes

  • Git: Ui does not freeze on heavy Git projects
  • Git: Git projects can also be cloned on external hard drives which are formatted as FAT32
  • Git: The .approj file is excluded from Git commits
  • Removed error when leaving a project
  • Anchorpoint can be opened on drive roots
  • Version stacks can now be deleted
  • Metadata is not modified when moving a project to another location in Anchorpoint
November 25, 2022

Running updates in the background

We aim to publish updates more frequently and want to ship bugfixes that have been reported by our customers faster. Anchorpoint has been blocked for an update, which is not a great user experience.

From now on updates run in the background and you only need to restart Anchorpoint to activate the update.

We are also introducing a proper release versioning

  • Major updates: Change the first version letter, e.g. from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0
  • Minor updates: Change the second version letter, e.g. from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0
  • Hotfixes: Change the third version letter, e.g. from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

Bug fixes

  • The text attribute is not overflowing when wrap cells is disabled
  • Always extend sequence stacks when quick filtering is applied

November 7, 2022

Thumbnails and feature for finding your files faster

We finally added a long requested feature. Thumbnails for OBJ, FBX and GLTF files. As a bonus, thumbnails for MAX files are also implemented.

They need to be generated once and will be stored in a cache.

We are also working on a real 3D viewport that allows you to view 3D files and add annotations for reviews.

Open Anchorpoint from Windows Explorer

Anchorpoint can be opened from any file or folder in Windows Explorer via the context menu. You can also deactivate that entry in the preferences.

Furthermore, Anchorpoint creates a project file in the project root folder. So new project members, who are not familiar with Anchorpoint, can simply open it from this project file like opening a normal Desktop application.

Archiving projects

Too many projects on your list? You can move them to an archive. Archived projects are kind of “frozen” and removed from the project list. You can find them under your Workspace Settings / Projects and reactivate them.

Sharing options

No need to copy browser paths to a chat or project management app. With the Copy App Link feature, Anchorpoint creates a link to any folder or file within a project that can be pasted in Slack, Notion or whatever. Your team member can click on the link (regardless if he is on Mac or Windows) and Anchorpoint will navigate to the correct location. The behavior is exactly the same as sharing websites.



  • Added Shortcuts for “Open in Explorer”, “Copy App Link”, “Hide” and “Open with”
  • Thumbnail images are shown for OBJ, FBX, GLTF, GLB, DAE and Max files
  • Project file is stored in project folders and can open the Anchorpoint project from Windows Explorer or MacOS Finder
  • Open in Anchorpoint command in Windows Explorer
  • Project Archiving
  • Filtering and sorting in project list under Workspace settings is now possible
  • App links can be created on any file, folder, or card
  • Email mention contains app link
  • Stacks are included in quick filter


  • Actions work on computers with usernames with special characters

October 4, 2022

New pricing plan

With this update, we are expanding our pricing model and introducing the Professional Plan. We have written an article about this and also go into why we only offer subscriptions.

This release also includes


  • Video conversion works on macOS
  • Replace audio in video allows to change the audio track in a video file without lossy re-rendering processes

Bug Fixes

  • Show American time when your system is set to this time zone
  • Fixed an issue with copy&paste right after drag&drop
  • File and folder names including a “dot” can be handled properly
  • Fixed an issue when undoing a Git commit
  • Fixed a UI glitch when creating UI sections via the Python API

September 21, 2022

Block reordering, email notifications and a lot of fixes

This update allows moving blocks among each other. This allows you to build complete pages with tasks, shots, and assets. Each team member has the same view on the pages.

If you are mentioned in a comment and Anchorpoint is turned off, a notification email is sent. This option can be turned off in the Application Settings.

Many bugs in the Git integration have also been fixed. Among them were problems with file conflicts.

Also, any existing project can now be converted to a Git repository.



  • Timeline entries are now grouped better
  • An animation is triggered when opening files
  • Signup in Anchorpoint is now easier
  • The trial version starts immediately when Anchorpoint is started for the first time
  • Git repositories can be created from any folder, even if files already exist


  • Workspace buttons allow triggering actions from the project list. So project independent actions can be started.


  • Git: Cancel push without error message
  • Git: problems with existing Unreal Engine repositories
  • Git: pull is blocked when files are locked
  • Git: Anchorpoint detects that files are locked and gives a message
  • Git: Wrong username is shown in the commit entry
  • Focus problem in search box
  • Git: Progress indicator is displayed when a large commit is loaded
  • Git: Timeline does not update when a commit is pulled
  • Git: Branch is not displayed
  • Cloud Drive installation on macOS
  • Cloud Drive: files can be added correctly
  • Flickering when renaming cards
  • Copy & paste problems with colors and icons
  • Back navigation with keyboard does not work
  • Crash on first start of application

August 24, 2022

Performance and Git improvements

This update improves browsing performance, enables cloud drives to be mounted on macOS, and adds more Git features.

Performance improvements

Folder contents are now loaded faster. The flickering that occurred when refreshing the browser is now gone. Additionally, card views are loaded in a batch and no longer flicker when the folder is already displayed.


The Git integration can display previous commit content and undo commits. The undone changes are displayed as Uncommitted Changes.

Additionally, .gitignore configurations for Godot, Unity and Unreal Engine can be created with one click.

If the hard disk is full, the Git cache can be cleared. All old file versions are removed from the hard disk. They can be downloaded again from the server if necessary.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue on image sequence to video conversion when FFmpeg was not found
  • Fixed issue with clearing tags in grid view
  • Fixed calendar issue with picking the wrong date
  • Fixed filter field which was not loosing focus when clicking outside
  • Added Python hooks on app startup and app close
  • Added Python hook on project button
  • Fixed issue with missing validation on Workspace Actions
  • Fixed issue with duplicate folder and file entries on Rclone mounts
  • Added highlighting in Timeline, Cards, and Reviews when you are mentioned

August 6, 2022

Anchorpoint 1.0

With this release, we celebrate the end of the beta and the launch of version 1.0. After two years of development, we are happy to release version 1.0. This is the official end of the beta phase. Today Anchorpoint is used daily by motion graphics, animation, and game studios worldwide. None of this would have been possible without you beta testers. We thank you for all the bugs found, feedback and all the numerous conversations.

ACES support

Renderings finally look correct. The EXR preview now supports OCIO color profiles. This means that you can specify whether an EXR should be treated as sRGB, Linear or as e.g., ACEScg. Anchorpoint comes with a predefined OCIO configuration, and it is also possible to use your own configuration files. Renderers such as Redshift use their own configuration, which Anchorpoint can then read so that it can display the correct colors of the rendering. The configuration is stored at the project level. This means that if the project admin sets the configuration, it applies to everyone in that project.

Git Updates

The Git integration now supports branches. Via the dropdown in the timeline, you can:

  • Branches can be changed
  • Create new branches

Project management is now easier

An admin now has an overview of all projects in the Workspace Settings. There he can add and remove users in a dedicated tab in the workspace settings.

  • Subscription management, trial, free and team plan
  • Remove flickering from tag renaming
  • Remove flickering from file renaming
  • Reconnecting a project folder. If a project folder has been unlearned, Anchorpoint will still display the project without the folder. It can be reconnected afterwards.
  • Admins now only see the projects in the project list to which they have been added
  • Replace Thumbnail can be triggered using the shortcut “Shift+S”

July 27, 2022

Filter projects and lots of fixes

With this update, the project view can be opened with a shortcut. The search field can be used to filter by projects, so that you can find a project from the list faster. A participant can now also leave projects without the project owner having to remove him.

Git projects can be created faster using the "New" button. Existing Git repositories can now be opened in Anchorpoint.


  • SHIFT+P opens the Project list
  • SHIFT+1 displays the Grid view
  • SHIFT+2 shows the List view
  • Plus/Minus allows scaling in the Grid view

New Icons

  • Image sequence
  • Version control
  • App icons like Unreal, Unity, Blender etc.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Virtual files (e.g., in Dropbox or OneDrive) have an explicit download button
  • Copy file path uses the correct slashes on Windows
  • User email can be copied to the clipboard
  • Fixed problem that was present when opening files on macOS
  • Template Actions now work on network drives
  • Projects can be created in the root directory (e.g., Z:\)
  • Anchorpoint detects missing project paths and tries to repair them
  • The application starts again after logout
  • Push notifications are shown again when members are added to a project
  • Placeholders are taken into account when selecting
  • Inactive members are filtered from the project list
  • Moving attribute columns contains animations

July 14, 2022

Convert images sequences to video

This action allows converting image sequences like EXR or PNG into small mp4 videos.
It is also possible to convert larger video files like MOV, AVI with ProRes or DNxHD into a proxy mp4 video. These videos can be used for reviews or dailies.

Just right-click on your sequence or video and select "Convert to Video".

You can also use the cogwheel to select settings like frame rate or location.

July 11, 2022


With this update, we release a new version of Anchorpoint's Git integration.  The Git integration is a simple version control system designed for artists and compatible with any Git hosting provider.

Git in Anchorpoint includes easy one-click installation and full LFS support for large binaries. Above all, we focused on onboarding. Each artist only has to register once with their Git provider, and can then join the repositories assigned to them with just a few clicks.

The Git integration contains

  • A one click installation, including the LFS module
  • Basic functions like commit, push, pull and revert
  • Auto Fetch, Anchorpoint checks every minute if there are new commits in the repository
  • The possibility to work with local repositories (without server)
  • A command line prompt for quick troubleshooting with a tech-savvy team member
  • Credential Management. Anchorpoint uses the official Git Credential Manager to store passwords. This way, you only have to log in to the hosting provider once.

Additionally, we have fixed the following bugs and added UX improvements

  • Attributes can be deleted directly from the entry
  • Open with: for each file, you can select the application with which it should be opened.
  • Drag&Drop images from supported web browsers and chat applications is implemented
  • BUG: The folder dialog can handle the selected folder
  • BUG: Files are displayed again on network drives
  • BUG: Template System: You can navigate to the template location again
  • BUG: Fixed creating attributes loses focus on the text
  • BUG: Copy works in the console
  • BUG: Fixed flickering in tag menu
  • BUG: Emails with two dots are supported
  • BUG: Icons which are set wrong on folders has been fixed

June 28, 2022

Hotfix update

This update includes small additional fixes

  • Files in a mounted drive are displayed correctly again
  • Project Actions are executed correctly
  • Clicking on key frames in the video player jumps to the correct frame

June 27, 2022

UX improvements and lot of bug fixes

This update brings many fixes that you have posted in our Discord channel. With this update, we continue to focus on stability to make Anchorpoint production ready. It is a big step to the upcoming version 1.0. This update also includes several small improvements like:

  • One click solution to copy the current folder path to clipboard
  • Better UX for adding filters using a dedicated Attribute Filter button
  • Project icons You can set a custom icon for your project.
  • Selecting reviews moves the play head to the correct position
  • An option to set the date format in the application settings (Day/Month/Year, Month/Day/Year, Year/Month/Day, Written Date)
  • An option to disable the single click navigation on folders
  • An experimental version of a Time Tracking Attribute, which can be enabled in the application settings

May 24, 2022

Icons Everywhere

This update brings color to Anchorpoint. Folders and Cards (renamed from Tasks) can now be color coded and an icon can be set.

In addition, the settings have been changed so that members can be managed in the entire workspace.

  • Members can be added and removed
  • Members can be temporarily deactivated
  • You can assign roles to members so that they can also create projects
  • Subscription settings can be viewed
  • If a project is created, all members of the workspace can be added at once.

Other changes

  • The default view for folders and files can now be defined
  • Developer settings (console, Python modules, documentation) are now in the action settings

Python Updates

  • Attribute change triggers are now possible. With the change of an Attribute, an action can be triggered.
  • New Drive and Drive contextmenu Actions. Actions can now be triggered for creating new drives and via the drive contextmenu

May 5, 2022

Attribute filtering‍

With this update, flexible filters can be applied to attributes. You can sort your footage, organize task lists or just hide unnecessary folders. The following options are possible:

  • Add various attributes filters on top of each other
  • Set rules like “include” or “exclude”
  • Filter by the active user, so that everyone sees only the tasks they are assigned to, for example
  • Date filters allow options like “today”, “this month” or “next month”.
  • A “Hide” option allows to quickly hide selected tasks, folders or files
  • The quick filter is accessible via the “Ctrl-F” shortcut

April 15, 2022

Better Action distribution and performance updates

This update includes a better activation and distribution of Actions for end users and technical directors, who write their own Actions.

🚄 Better performance

  • Attributes are loading faster in the browser
  • A tile view in the folder display
  • Folders and files are displayed faster when browsing

⚙️ Action activation and distribution

  • Actions can be easily activated and deactivated via the Actions menu
  • Actions can be imported directly via a GitHub link or a folder
  • Actions are bundled in packages. Each package can be provided with an icon, description and tutorial. The source code can be viewed and modified directly from the action.
  • Actions support event callbacks so that you don’t have to modify the action source directly
  • Each action has their own settings script that can be registered to adjust the behavior of an action
  • Actions can be activated on “New” buttons in folders and files
  • Action dialogs allow description text and hiding of parameters

Check out the Action Documentation for more info

⚙️ Example Actions

  • Create new file and folder structures from templates
  • Render thumbnails for Blender using Eevee
  • Map (mount) folders as drives to avoid issues with absolute file paths
  • Coding templates and utilities

Other improvements

  • Problems with Cinema 4D and Maya when starting from Anchorpoint have been fixed
  • The project join workflow has been improved. The path to the project is shared among the team so that your teammates don’t have to re-enter the path.
  • Fixed issues with network drive handling
  • Fixed issues with shortcuts (e.g. space)
  • Fixed crashing issues in the tour

March 31, 2022

Bug fixes and better onboarding

With this update we want to make it easier for new users to get started with Anchorpoint.

💰 An option to buy Anchorpoint

We also need to earn money :) You have the opportunity to support us and get a 30% discount. Just click on the Buy button in the application.

📦 Demo content

Take a look at an example project to see how tasks, attributes, versions and reviews can be used. We kept the size small, so you can download it quickly and get started.

✔️ Interactive tour

To make Anchorpoint easier to explore, markers are displayed on specific buttons, each playing a short explainer video on how a feature works.

Other improvements

  • Receive a notification when you are added to a project
  • Hold SHIFT to drop and move files into Anchorpoint
  • Create your own avatar

March 17, 2022

Global Attributes and updated Review Tools

With this update, all attributes are global instead of local.

⚠️ Previous attributes are no longer available and must be recreated. Sorry for this inconvenience. This is the last time we will make a system change without migration.

🏷️ Global Attributes

  • Attributes of any kind (meta data, file names, custom attributes) can be sorted among each other and shown or hidden.
  • Added attributes can be used in different locations

🖌️ Review Updates

  • Drawings on images and videos are synchronized instantaneously. Comments are no longer required.
  • New Shorctus for video playback
  • SHIFT+Space: Play
  • SHIFT+Left: Previous frame
  • SHIFT+Right: Next frame
  • CTRL+Right: Last frame
  • CTRL+Left: First frame
  • ALT+Right: Next keyframe
  • ALT+Left: Previous keyframe
  • Reviews on videos now support keyframes. Animation sequences can be drawn on videos.
  • Onion Skinning option for animation feedback

February 28, 2022

Instant Refresh, Mentions and Push Notifications

This update brings important project management features. Team members can now be notified and the task system has been further improved.

💬 Notifications

  • Use @mentions to notify your team members. This works in any comment field.
  • Anchorpoint shows where you have been mentioned.
  • Every change that your team member makes (changing attributes, modifying tasks) will appear instantaneously on your screen.

⭐ Task updates

  • Tasks now have favorites
  • Drag&Drop on task entries is now possible
  • Tasks have a screenshot tool to quickly attach images to a task

🎨 UX improvements

  • Paste from Clipboard creates a file in the browser
  • The Welcome / Home Page shows an extensive feature overview
  • Background options (white, grey, black, transparent) are available in Preview

February 10, 2022

Manage projects with Anchorpoint

Files in Tasks

  • You can now drag files into tasklists.
  • Files outside the project are automatically copied into the project
  • New versions are shown automatically
  • Reviews are shown automatically

⏲️ Timeline updates

  • Attributes are shown in the timeline
  • Entries are grouped to provide a better overview
  • Reviews are shown directly in the timeline

🎨 UX improvements

  • Icons look better
  • Tag menu improvements
  • Compact mode supports Task Activity

January 25, 2022

Timeline, Shortcuts, and Python

This update ships with many great features:

  • The Timeline shows recent activity of your Project (Reviews, Tasks, Comments)
  • Shortcuts are shown in the Anchorpoint Browser
  • A preference to disable autoplay videos and GIFs in the browser or preview page
  • A first version of the Cinema 4D plugin, introducing a simple way to write your own plugins
  • Many enhancements to the Python API:
  • A simpler way to work with Visual Studio Code

January 12, 2022

Task System and Version Control Enhancements

Happy new year 🥳 🥳 🥳

We are starting the new year with some great improvements:

  • Create a new version of your file and open it with a single click
  • Start discussions on your tasks with your teammates 👩‍💻 👨‍💻
  • A User Attribute to tag users on files, folders and tasks
  • Update to Python 3.9

December 13, 2021

New UI and Tasklists

🌺 Anchorpoint should not feel so heavy. So we have completely adapted the interface again. The preview page is undocked (like in the macOS Finder) and can be closed via space.

📝 We finally have tasklists (or TODO lists ;) ) You can now create tasklists in every folder and assign attributes to them.

Here again an overview

  • The Delete Files popup can be turned off in the preferences
  • Autoplay of videos can be turned off in the preferences as well
  • The scrolling state is saved
  • The video position is saved
  • Projects can now be created directly from the project list
  • Colors, layouts and spacing in the UI have been adjusted
  • The Compact Mode can be turned on and off with Tab
  • In Compact Mode Anchorpoint can be pinned and stays always on top
  • The preview page is opened and closed with Space
  • Versions and comments load faster
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Tasklists can be created in folders
  • Tasklists can be checked by users
  • Attributes show who has checked a task and when
  • Attributes can be added to tasklists
  • Attributes work on sequence entries


  • DCCs can be started via actions with dedicated enviroment variables
  • Actions can be deactivated
  • Actions work on multiselection
  • Settings (credentials, custom paths to DCCs) entered by the user are stored in a settings store accessible via Python

November 27, 2021

Python updates, offline mode and other little fixes‍

This update focuses on the Python API. It is now much easier to build user interfaces with Python. A console and automatic reloading of scripts makes Python development much faster.

  • Python console
  • Python api updates for simple gui building
  • Action examples on GitHub
  • Full offline functionality (you can edit metadata when being offline)
  • Horizontal scrolling in list
  • Easier attribute editing in grid view
  • A pinned app icon does not create a new instance of Anchorpoint
  • Support for alpha channel in videos

November 8, 2021

Bug fixing and addressing UX issues

👪 User Account and Workspace Management is implemented

You can log in and out now. You can give your workspace a name and invite other users to the workspace. If they don’t have an anchorpoint account, they will get an invitation email.

  • Open in New Tab is available everywhere
  • New folder creation has been improved
  • Comments show an edited state
  • A lot of fixes regarding UNICODE issues on macOS
  • The preview shows the fullres image
  • Project invites are highlighted with a badge

October 29, 2021

The new Anchorpoint

This update includes:

🔢 Version Control for incremental saves

🖌️ Drawing and commenting on versions

🏅 A lot of UX improvements

This is the first update after a major rebuild of Anchorpoint. Version control is possible with incremental saves and allows collaboration on shared drives such as Dropbox etc. The first iteration of feedback tools is also available.

Git functionality is disabled for now and will be added back in a later update.

October 8, 2021


This update includes:

🐛 Critical bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug that deletes project entry in workspace when loading of project failed with error
  • Fixed two import bugs on pushing and restoring files

September 10, 2021


This update includes:

🐛  Many bug fixes, most importantly:

  • Fix a bug when switching branches
  • Fix git ignore for Unreal Engine 5
  • Some fixes for drag and drop behaviour

August 25, 2021

Wrapped Attributes

This update includes:

🌮  Attribute Cells can be wrapped so that longer content is displayed in multiple lines

✏️ Adjusted the UI lingo to be closer to git terminology

🐛  Many bug fixes, most importantly:

  • Add git ignore files through the action context menu did not work on Windows
  • Pushing to a public git repository with no write access did not show an appropriate error message

July 24, 2021

Audio, Video, … and Snakes

This update includes

🎵 Audio previews in the browser

📺  Video previews in the browser

🐍  First iteration of the Anchorpoint Action System

🐛  Lots of fixes

July 21, 2021

Collaborate in a team using GitHub & be more lazy with auto generated publishing messages

This update includes

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Anchorpoint works with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Azure Devops. Work in a team using these hosting providers to version your projects!

🤖 Automatic messages → All version messages are optional now. If you don’t write anything, Anchorpoint will generate an automatic message for you

☑️ A checkbox attribute

July 13, 2021

More previews, a date picker and demo content

This update includes

🖼️ Display of native previews from macOS Finder or Windows Explorer

📅 A Date Attribute

⛔ The possibility to delete Workspaces

📚 Demo content shipped with Anchorpoint (You can view everything without downloading the content at all)

June 12, 2021

More Attributes & UX Improvements

⏱️  The Time Tracking Attribute allows to measure time on a task. It can be added to any file or folder. It logs time based on the date.

🔗  The Link allows to paste hyperlinks which can be opened with a single click

📁  Drag&Drop got improved when moving multiple files and folders

🗜️  List Rows adjust themselves based on the Attribute content (e.g. Textfield and Multiple Choice Tag)

🐛  Fixed multiple crashes and freezes

June 2, 2021

Attribute System & Proper Multiselection

🏷️ Tags, notes and ratings can now be created on files and folders. What you see on the Anchorpoint website can now finally be done in the app.

📁 Copy&Cut and Paste as well as Drag&Drop works on multiple files.

🖼️ Additionally, browsing performance has been improved. Images are now displayed faster.

May 25, 2021

Image sequences and a rename folder command

Anchorpoint is able to display image sequences automatically. Sequences can be expanded and collapsed and can detect missing images within the sequence. Finally it is possible to rename folders in Anchorpoint. Large LUT data can now be versioned without problems.