Say hello to Anchorpoint 1.0

Everything about the launch of the production version and the end of the beta phase.

Matthäus Niedoba
August 5, 2022
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We develop Anchorpoint to provide small studios with a tool designed for them to organize and manage complex 3D projects. 3D projects consist of many data and tasks, which Anchorpoint brings under one roof.

After two years of development, we are happy to release version 1.0. This is the official end of the beta phase. It was a great time, with all the ups and downs. Today Anchorpoint is used daily by motion graphics, animation, and game studios worldwide with an everyday growing user base.

None of this would have been possible without you beta testers. We thank you for all the bugs found, feedback and all the numerous conversations on our Discord server.

Anchorpoint combines many tools, required for managing a 3d production pipeline and provides file previews of formats such as exr, psd or c4d
Too many files, too many tasks, too many tools

What makes Anchorpoint different?

If you want to start a 3D project in a remote team today, you have to consider the following issues

  1. You need a place for your production data that everyone can access
  2. You need a place to track the status of your project
  3. You need a solution for communication to give feedback and iterate

Something like this can be solved with a combination of Dropbox, folder structure, Google Sheets and review tools. If I still want to use the Unreal Engine, I need an additional Git or Perforce client. All these different tools require different subscriptions, need to be managed and learned in a team. Anchorpoint combines their core functions in one application.

In Anchorpoint, your shot information is directly linked to your production data. For example, you can start Blender directly from your shot.
In Anchorpoint, your shot information is directly linked to your production data. For example, you can start Blender directly from your shot.

Anchorpoint is not a web-based tool, but like a file browser that respects your folder structure and enhances it with to-dos and collaboration capabilities.

The pricing model

We are a software company that sells a single product. That is Anchorpoint for Teams. It is aimed at studios and professional freelancers who sell services to their clients and save time and money with Anchorpoint. For this, we have a simple pricing model.

The Anchorpoint pricing page published in August 2022

The most common plan is the Team Plan, available for €20 per user per month. Anchorpoint simplifies collaboration for every new user on the team, so we believe that per-user pricing is the right thing to do here.

For larger companies, we offer additional options such as SSO and the development of integrations into their existing pipeline or IT infrastructure. Here we have to set prices individually.

For hobbyists, students, or people who occasionally need a file browser, we offer Anchorpoint Personal. It has all browser features and allows the creation of 2 projects and 5 attributes. This version of Anchorpoint will remain free forever.

What happens next

Our vision is that every studio should be able to build an efficient pipeline without writing software and managing IT systems. The first step for us is asset management, so that studios can easily organize their assets in their existing workflow on their existing systems.

To do that, we have released version 1.0, which is dedicated to this task.

Frequently asked questions

What storages do you support?

Anchorpoint works like a file browser. This means that whatever your Windows Explorer or macOS Finder sees, Anchorpoint can also see. Additionally, Anchorpoint can manage Git repositories and cloud storage like AWS S3 and Backblaze B2.

What integrations do you have

Integrations are a broad field. At the storage level, we can connect to Backblaze B2 and AWS S3 and mount a bucket. At the version control level, Anchorpoint has a Git integration that allows you to connect to remote repositories and push and pull in a simple way. On the 3D software level, we are currently working on an integration with the Unreal Engine. The next step will be Blender and Cinema 4D.

Where do you store metadata (to-dos, comments, etc.)?

We have an Anchorpoint cloud that does just that. It only stores metadata and never production data. So we can map typical project workflows, like giving feedback and sending a push notification.

Will there be OBJ, FBX and other preview support?

Yes, we are actively working on supporting more file formats so that you can see thumbnails and previews. Take a look at our roadmap.

How can I test Anchorpoint in a team?

On Anchorpoint, it is quite simple. Download the application and start a trail. If you have created a project, you have the possibility to invite team members.

It is important that everyone has access to the production data. You can use your existing Dropbox or your NAS.

Can I work offline?

Yes, Anchorpoint caches the complete state of the project on your computer. This means that you can comment, create to-dos, etc. even when you are offline.

Is there a free plan? What is included?

Anchorpoint has a free plan for hobbyists, students, and artists who occasionally need a file browser. The free plan allows you to use 2 projects with 5 Attributes each.

Is there an option for educational institutions?

We offer Anchorpoint at a discounted price for educational institutions and NGOs. Please contact us directly.

How many seats are required for an enterprise plan?

There are no minimum seats for an Enterprise Plan. Often large advertising agencies or corporations have their own 3D department under 25 people. Since they require additional options like SSO or extra support, the Enterprise plan is the best option.