Review and approve

Perform reviews on any images, videos and 3D files without uploading them to the cloud. Provide feedback and approve your team's work.

Review FBX, video and image files in Anchorpoint. Open the files in Anchorpoint and add frame accurate comments and annotations.

How it works

Perform image, video, or FBX reviews in three simple steps
Open a file in Anchorpoint directly from Windows Explorer or macOS Finder.

Open your file in Anchorpoint

There is no need to upload it to a web browser; simply browse to your image, video, or 3D model and open it in Anchorpoint.
Use annotation tools like brushes to draw on images, videos and 3d models.

Add comments and annotations

Draw on images, videos, and 3D models, and provide precise feedback using onion skinning.

Add comments and annotations

Use @mentions to notify your team members, assign them to tasks, or approve their work.

Fast and secure
feedback loops

With Anchorpoint, there's no need to wait for file uploads. It's compatible with your existing storage solution, so you can open videos and 3D models from a hard drive, NAS, Dropbox or any other place and start commenting right away.
Anchorpoint displays thumbnails of EXR, HDR, PSD and similar file formats and acts as an alternative to Windows Explorer.
Perform FBX Reviews in Anchorpoint and view 3d models.

Annotate on any image or video

With Anchorpoint, you can review color-correct EXR images using ACES profiles. It also supports annotating on various video formats and will soon support 3D models too.

Plus, Review FBX, GLTF, and OBJ Files in 3D

Set workflow steps,

Anchorpoint is the cornerstone between your WIP and approved works.

Tags, assignments, due dates, basically all the pieces you need to overview your work. Anchorpoint is fully customizable and adapts to your workflow.
Perform production tracking in Anchorpoint using Attributes

Anchorpoint heavily increases efficiency for studios like ours. All the relevant information and files are in one place, so you don’t need to manage multiple tools.

Nik Hill
Founder & Director

Packed with powerful features

Simplify and organize your image, video, and FBX reviews with Anchorpoint's Attributes and file browsing features.
Anchorpoint supports multiple filetypes like exr, psd, fbx, mov or mp4

Annotate on any file

Review and annotate EXR, PSD, FBX, OBJ, GLFT, and video files without converting them to proxies.

Onion skinning using Anchorpoint’s review tools

Onion Skinning

Provide precise animation feedback by displaying annotations across multiple frames.

Anchorpoint allows to collect files, folders and tasks based on filter rules


Your bird's-eye overview of your project. Keep all approvals, to-dos, and assignments on a single page.

Manage your 3D assets

Anchorpoint is the Git-based version control solution that lets you visually organize all your art assets. Your artists will love it.
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