Convert an image sequence to mp4 video

How to convert an EXR or PNG image sequence to mp4 videos for free using Anchorpoint, fully offline.

Matthäus Niedoba
July 18, 2022
min read

Setting up Anchorpoint

  1. Download and install Anchorpoint
  2. Browse to the folder where the image sequence is stored
An EXR image sequence for a motion graphics animation.
An EXR image sequence in the Anchorpoint browser
  1. Enable image sequence stacking to tidy up your folder
Enable image sequence stacking to group images that belong to the EXR image sequence
Image sequence stacking looks for all images, which belong to a sequence and groups them together
  1. Right click and choose "Convert to mp4"
Convert an EXR image sequence to an mp4 video
Convert to mp4 will start the conversion immediately

That’s it. You can hover over it and play it back. Each additional image sequence can be converted with one click.

The EXR image sequence has been converted to an mp4 video file
You can hover over the video file. It will play back automatically.

Changing frame rate and a custom export folder

To change the frame rate, just click on the gear. Select the frame rate in the dialog (only applied to image sequences) and set your export folder. For example, if you have a special folder for dailies, you can set it here.

Speed up your video workflow

Organize your assets, setup to-dos and perform daily reviews. Use inbuilt video conversion tools.
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